Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Not to Use Photoshop

Oh, Microsoft. You scamp. By now you've heard of the budget-minded blunder in which they Frankensteined a replacement head onto an ad model's body in an effort to curry the favor of the Polish market.

You'd think a world-dominating corporate giant could come up with other ways to save money. Instead, of springing for a new shoot, you do a ten-minute Photoshop job so conspicuous that you not only draw attention to the practice of stingy edits but also get everyone thinking you're racist.

I know you have to walk a fine line between diversity and market-specific targeting, but must you be so clumsy about it?

Here's what I came up with during my own ten-minute bit of Photoshoppery:

It's rough but much more evocative. And, no, I'm not being racist toward Mexico. I just love luchadores. They make everything better.

You've got to admit this now looks like the rare meeting where something actually gets done. Every PowerPoint session should end with someone getting a suplex.


  1. i like your version best! good stuff.

  2. THIS is why I love you...
    (I'm allowed to say it, I'm his wife)