Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Has a House!

For all two of you playing along at home, I apologize for my absence.

I launched this blog and then promptly let it drift straight into Cthulhu's maw. And, while I pride myself on being a lazy bastard, I fully intended to follow through with this thing, if for no other reason than to mutter misanthropically to myself.

However, I've spent the last few months spinning doughnuts in the torturous home-buying doldrums. The Spanish Inquisition was a massage parlor compared to the home loan industry. I'm happy to say that we survived the experience and landed our house. Slowly but surely, my sense of humor is returning, but it'll be on crutches for a while. Feel free to trip it up for a laugh.

There's more junk on the way, the word of the month being scattershot. Expect treatises on writing, film, graphic design and the evil of slide whistles. And more sermons from The Book of Klug. Guaranteed to sting.